Make 2013 About Helping Others, Even Animals!

A face like Luca’s could warm many lonely hearts!

It’s that time of year when everyone starts making resolutions for the new year.  Consider making 2013 a better year for animals, both the ones that you love and the ones in need of some love, with these resolutions!

  • Making your pet’s life better can be as easy as taking some time out of your day for extra cuddle time.  Your pet is not the only one who will benefit from this.  Animals can help relieve stress and improve your overall mood!
  • What if you don’t have your own pet at home to help relieve all of that extra stress?  Then there are plenty of volunteer opportunities at local shelters to give you the chance to spend some time with some furry friends who could use some extra love.  Some shelters like Animal Adoption Foundation have play yards for playtime with their pets.  They even have a walking trail for you to get some exercise of your own with one of their homeless animals.  Check a shelter near you for possible volunteer opportunities!
  • Want to go the extra step beyond volunteering at a shelter?  Consider being a foster for a homeless animal.  Many shelters, such as Paws and Claws Animal Rescue in Kentucky are solely foster based rescues.  This means they don’t have a shelter where they keep their rescues as they rely solely on foster homes to provide stability and love for their homeless animals.  Imagine the rewarding experience of providing a temporary home for an animal in need!
  • Share your pet’s love with others.  Pets have amazing therapeutic affects on people, especially the elderly.  If your dog is predictable, trained, and loving, he may be the perfect visitor for someone in a  nursing home.  Some nursing homes only require a leash and proof of vaccinations for your pet to be a visitor.  Other homes might require certain training.  Check with the manager of your local nursing home if you think your dog might be a soothing visitor to the elderly!

Whether it be your own pet, a homeless pet, or a complete stranger, make 2013 a year of helping others.  Consider other ways your service can bring a smile to someone’s face.  Imagine how much more rewarding that can be than just fulfilling a resolution that is all about you!  What are you resolving to do to make 2013 the most rewarding year yet?

From all of us at Naked Dingo, we wish you a happy, safe, and healthy 2013!

written by Maria, “Mama Dingo”

Written on Thursday, December 27th, 2012 at 07:15PM

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