Protect Your Dog From the Heat

The calendar said that it is officially summer, and I think the weather is listening!  The heat and humidity are finally making it feel like summer.  As we get hotter, we all have our own ways of cooling off.  But be sure that your are keeping your dog cool, too!  Here are some tips to keep your furry family member comfortable and safe in the heat this summer.

  • Keep your dog hydrated.  Make sure the water bowl has a fresh and clean supply of water all day.  You may even want to consider using a larger water bowl during the summer months and also keep a water bowl outside that is accessible during playtime.  Watch for signs of dehydration, including excessive panting and drooling as well as loss of elasticity in the skin.
  • Exercise your dog in the early morning hours or late evening hours instead of during the heat of the day.
  • When you pack your water bottle for a walk or jog, don’t forget one for your dog, too!
  • Try to find a cool, shaded path for those walks.  If you ever have walked barefoot on your driveway, you know how hot the pavement can get!  Maybe even consider using doggie booties to prevent the pads of your dog’s feet from burning.
  • Trust your dog’s instincts and listen to what she is saying.  If she begins lagging behind on a walk or seems reluctant to go further, head home…  Don’t force her to push on!
  • Don’t leave your dog unsupervised in the heat for very long.
  • Never leave your dog in a parked car, even in the shade!
  • Let your dog have some cool fun by filling up a plastic kiddie pool.

With their thick coats, our shibas prefer romping in the snow to sweating it out in the heat. So since their outdoor time can be limited in the summer, we make sure to help them still get their exercise inside.  What are you going to do to keep your furry family members happy, healthy, and cool this summer?

Would Floyd make a loving addition to your family?


Feature Rescue:

Our feature Rescue this week comes from Cincinnati Lab Rescue.  Floyd is an adorable 3 to 4 year old black labrador retriever.  He was taken to a shelter and scheduled to be euthanized when CLR was alerted to his plight.  Although he is not a fan of kitties, Floyd is a great boy who gets along well with other dogs and people of all ages. Floyd will make a family very happy and is looking forward to having some summer fun! If you or someone you know could give Floyd his forever home, email CLR at  Also, please check out their site for other available labs! Thank you to CLR for saving Floyd and sharing his story!

written by Maria, “Mama Dingo”

Written on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 at 01:23AM

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