Tri-State CART 3rd Annual Strut Your Mutt

Look at this little squirrel marching in last year’s parade!

Do you ever wonder who is responsible for organizing the care of the many animals who can be displaced after local disasters such as tornadoes or floods?  Tri-State CART is a non-profit disaster response team that focuses on the care of animals during such times of local disaster for 31 counties surrounding Greater Cincinnati. They are not only a resource for local emergency management, but also have been called upon to help in animal hoarding situations.

Tri-State CART formed after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  At the time of Katrina, the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS)  Act was not yet created. There were not guidelines for the evacuation of families with pets. In a disaster situation, families often were told to put their pets in the safest place possible, but they were to be left behind. The events of Hurricane Katrina showed that pet owners were often more willing to risk their own lives than to leave their pets behind.  The PETS Act requires that the state and local emergency preparedness authorities include how they will accommodate households with pets or service animals when presenting their disaster plans to the FEMA.  As a result, families no longer have to be concerned that they will be forced to leave their furry family members behind in the event of an emergency.

Tri-State CART’s new mobile response unit

On Saturday, September 14th, from noon to 6 PM, you can take your family for an afternoon of fun activities for the whole family in support of Tri-State CART.  The 3rd Annual Strut Your Mutts Paws By the River Event will be held on Front Street in New Richmond, OH.  The day’s events include Pet Parade of Animals at 2 PM, picnic with your pet, Fuzzy Slipper Contest, Canine Good Citizen Testing, demonstrations, raffles, vendors, rescue groups and adoptions, music, and more!

Fundraising events such as Strut Your Mutts as well as grants and donations helped Tri-State CART raise the funds to purchase their first mobile response unit.  This unit is ready at a moment’s notice to help provide safety and care for animals in case of a local emergency.  Are you ready to help Tri-State CART strengthen its ability to respond to any local, area, natural and manmade disaster by attending an afternoon of entertainment at the Strut Your Mutt Paws by the River event?

written by Maria, “Mama Dingo”

Written on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 at 05:49PM

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