NKY 1st Annual Bully Palooza

1st Annual Bully Palooza

On Saturday, August 10th, from 11 AM to 4PM, Northern Kentucky Bully Nation Education and Rescue will be hosting the 1st Annual Bully Palooza at Giles Conrad Park (7500 River Road in Hebron, KY.)  This fun filled event will be packed with activities for the whole family with proceeds benefitting the NKY Bully Nation.

Doggie contests at the Bully Palooza include Best Trick, Best Mixed Up Mutt, and Dog & Owner Look-A-Like.  There will also be a raffle (get a free ticket with your $5 parking donation), silent auctions, pet friendly and human friendly vendors, and concessions.  PhoKissed Pets will be providing their talented services for this event.  They amazingly transform images of your beloved pets into works of art.

The Bully Palooza also offers you the opportunity to cross some items off of your pet to-do list…  AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluations will be available.  An on-site clinic will allow you to have your pet vaccinated or micro-chipped.  Do you need to brush up on your knowledge of Bullied Breeds?  There will be a Bully Breeds Educational booth to provide information you might want to know.

So what exactly will you be supporting when you attend the Bully Palooza?  NKY Bully Nation Education & Rescue is just that… Education & Rescue!  They work to educate our society on spay/neuter, breed specific legislation (BSL), training, responsible ownership, and an insight on the dog fighting culture.  Shelters and rescues are overflowing with bully breeds, and many are being put to death just on looks alone. The NKY Bully Nation will consider any bully breed for their foster based program and will work with dogs from any background, including abuse, a surrendered pet, bait dogs, seasoned fighters, or strays.  It saddens me that a dog would ever be looked at as less than a loving family member or loyal companion, but when I watch the news or see the overwhelming number of bully breeds on rescue sites and in shelters, I know that there is a lot of ignorance in our society that needs to be eliminated.  Are you ready to have some fun with the family at the Bully Palooza to help the NKY Bully Nation continue to educate and rescue?

written by Maria, “Mama Dingo”


Written on Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 at 07:50PM

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