Mt. Adams Reindog Parade for the SPCA

Bobbie would make a great reindog!

This Saturday, December 8th, make sure you head to Mt. Adams for the 22nd annual Reindog Parade! This was voted the “Best Family Event” in Cincinnati!  Registration for your dog is free and is available from 12 PM to 1:45 PM at The Monastery (1055 St. Paul Place.) The parade will set off at 2 PM and will be led by Santa himself!  Donations will be accepted, with all proceeds benefiting the SPCA of Cincinnati.

If you just want to come watch the Holly Hounds, Dashing Dachshunds, Bugle Blowing Bulldogs, and Glistening German Shepherds, click here for the parade route.  A short program, prizes, fun, and food will follow the parade at The Monastery.

The SPCA will also have microchips available for $15.  Wondering what a microchip is, or why your pet should have one? A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is inserted between your dog’s shoulders through a syringe, with minimal pain. The microchip has a bar code that can be scanned in the event that your pet is lost, and it will identify you as the owner and help bring your pet safely home to you!

SPCA Wrap for a Cause

Another great way to support the SPCA of Cincinnati is to let them wrap your gifts for you! From 12 PM to 5 PM on Saturdays, December 8th and 15th, they will be available at the Carew Tower Arcade (441 Vine Street) to wrap your gifts!  Let the elves from the SPCA wrap your gifts while you visit with adoptable animals. I think I would much rather cuddle up to a lovable pup than wrap any more gifts! What about you? Donations for the SPCA are welcome, and forever homes for their adoptable pets are even more than welcome!  Help support the SPCA of Cincinnati this weekend!

written by Maria, “Mama Dingo”

Written on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 at 10:24PM

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