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This week we feature a local startup dedicated to sending unique products to your pet every month. Last months box featured local and regional pet products, which is awesome! Founder Carly Melencamp’s vision came to life with the launch of Buddy’s Box.

Buddy’s Box
Buddy’s Box is a monthly subscription for dog toys, treats, and more.  Each month they send your pup a box full of 5-7 items that is tailored to your dog’s unique wants and needs.  You tell Buddy’s Box about your doggy, by answering questions such as: “How durable do the toys need to be?” “What is your dogs size?” “What is your dogs age?” “Does your pup have any allergies?”  After you provide such information, Buddy’s Box handpicks items just for your pup!

Buddy’s Box is a great way to sample different types of dog products, it is very convenient as the items are shipped directly to your home each month, and you always get more bark for your buck!

You also have a few different options to choose from when subscribing to Buddy’s Box. For example, if you have more than one dog, you have the option to subscribe to the “Buddy Bundle”.  The “Buddy Bundle” is a Buddy’s Box created for two dogs, at a lower price.

Carly Mellencamp

You also have the option to subscribe to the monthly “Share & Care” Buddy’s Box.  Each month you are subscribed to the “Share & Care” Buddy’s Box, your pup will receive his or her box, and then the second box will be donated to a local animal shelter.  The “Share & Care” is a great way to spoil your pup, while giving one to a doggy in need.

Ready to order? Visit: www.mybuddysbox.com

Zach Day, Head Dingo


Written on Thursday, August 1st, 2013 at 04:23PM

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