Orijen and Acana Differences

Orijen and Acana

Champion Petfoods

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Champion Petfood has been making food for pets since 1975, which was the same year Motorola obtained a patent for the mobile phone.  Like the mobile phone, pet nutrition has come a long way in the last 10 years. Champion Petfood’s current brands include Orijen and Acana and they are in the forefront of nutritional change.

For the last three years Orijen has been named the Glycemic Research Institutes pet food of the year.  The Institute looks at blood sugar levels of a dog or cat right after their food is consumed.  Orijen has performed better than any other dry pet food brand at keeping your pet’s blood sugar level even.  So what is the difference between Orijen and Acana? If Orijen is so terrific why did Champion Pet Foods decide to come out with Acana? Below are 5 main differences between Orijen and Acana.

Amount of Meat
Orijen contains 75 to 80 percent meat, while Acana ranges from 40 to 65 percent meat depending on the formula.   Do not misinterpret this to mean Orijen is 75 to 80 percent protein.  The protein percentage of Orijen is 38 to 42 percent, and 75 to 80 percent of that is meat.  A manufacture disclosing the percentage of meat making up the protein percentage is not common.  Manufactures can boost protein levels with ingredients other than meat.

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Protein Levels
Orijen protein levels range from 38 and 42 percent, while Acana is between 24 and 34 percent.  Check out a great read by the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine called “Myths of High Protein.”  This quick read gives a little explanation as to why traditional veterinarians may not be as informed on high-protein diets and companion nutrition as you think.

Carbohydrates Levels
Orijen diets range from 18 to 22 percent carbohydrate, while Acana diets are on average in the 28 to 30 percent carbohydrate range.  Unlike proteins, excess carbohydrates convert easily into fat.  What is the level of carbohydrates in your pet’s food?

Fresh Meat Percentage
Orijen now contains up to 40 percent fresh meat while Acana ranges from 9 to 15 percent fresh meat depending on the formula.  Champion Pet Foods listened to their customers and increased the amount of fresh meat in Orijen.   Additional fresh meats include boneless chicken, salmon, lamb, and herring.

Varieties of Fresh Meat
Orijen contains 5 unique fresh meats while Acana contains 3 different fresh meat ingredients.  A variety of meat ingredients mimics a more natural diet.

Let’s throw in price as a sixth difference.  More fresh meat complimented by a few added ingredients is why you pay a little extra for Orijen compared to Acana.  Lower protein levels allow Acana to provide a outstanding value and a lower price point for pet owners.  Orijen and Acana provide an excellent range of ingredient options for pets, and for that reason, these brands are growing fast.  Have you changed your pet’s food to Orijen or Acana, if so what changes have you seen in your pet?

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  • Note: This information is not meant to be a substitute for proper veterinary care. Pet owners should always be encouraged to speak with and follow the instructions provided by their veterinarians.   The information is provided as a general guide for supporting better health.  The statements are re-stated information from several pet health sources.



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