Why Cats and Dogs Differ

These pups are checking out a cat.

Size is about the only similarity between my lap loving dachshunds and their feline counterparts. Our dogs are so habitual it’s almost comical. Growing up, we had an indoor/outdoor cat that would come and go when he pleased, but you never knew when. Cat and dog owners can be fanatical about why they like one over the other; so let’s take a fun look at a few of their differences. Have you ever giving a cat a bath? You may end up with cat scratch fever if you try! However, the fact that they keep themselves clean is a bonus. For cats, the trainability factor doesn’t go far past the cat litter, while dogs can be trained to provide amazing services. My …

Is It Broke or Just Floppy?

Floppy Ears

Pet Humor: An exchange between a patient and local vet… Patient: “Doc, I think my dog has broken his ear playing” Doc: “No ma’am, your puppy’s ear is not broken it’s just naturally floppy like that…” This woman was totally deprived of Clifford the Big Red Dog. Wow, I just read that Clifford made his book debut in 1963. After being the runt in the family, he grew to an awesome 25 feet tall. Those are some big floppy ears. Do you have a humorous pet story? Send it to our staff info@nakeddingo.com Cheers, Zach “Head Dingo”